What is a website?

A website means to collect different web pages. In which there are different types of content videos, audios and other types of information, which all domains are known as URL addresses. Such as www.rsywebtech.in, www.rsymse.com, www. rsymse.ac.in, www. microsoft.com and it is published on the web server and then you google, chrome, internet, explorer, mozilla fire fox etc. through the browser. All these types of websites are seen by Each website has its domain and its hosting, and has its target users. You cannot create a website without a target user. The target user’s information should be kept in this field. Why we will use the website, what kind of problem is this website salvaging. What are the things that people will come to the website again and again.

What is the type of website, and what is their work.

1- Static Website This website is only of a single page. It takes place in a dry type. Its content does not change repeatedly. These websites tell any type of information.

2- Dynamic Website- This is an e-commerce website, in which the web page is shown with different filters. Through this website you can also buy and sell online, and with this you can get online payment. This type of site has a lot of database usage.

3- Personal Presentation Website- You can get your personal and professional details registered on this type of website. Such as – photo maker, camera man, professor, teacher, architecture, journalist, writer, director, manager, businessman, engineer etc. These are all personal branding websites.

4- Corporate Website- This type of website is for the company. On this, you can share your company / corporation / establishment with various details and activities. It tells the people about your company, corporation, establishment and how many discounts they are providing. With this you can also promote the company. This keeps the company’s customers and revisers informed from time to time.

5- Sharing Website This is a type of free platform. In this, people earn money by sharing their photos and content. This type of site runs both with payment and for free.

6- Educalional Website- This type of website comes for schools, college, university, ITI, computer education, institute, registered coaching center, educational hub etc. In this, details of information, new / old course related details / information can be filled. Target Ardians is very different in this, and it is becoming very popular in the market. Through this, all the students related to result, and admission related work can be shown online, offline, digital course, etc.

7- Directory Website Through this website we can search for any kind of information. These are mostly category, cataloged sites. Ardens are more on this website, and all of them can search various information according to their needs, and it has a very large list.

8- Crowd Funding Website This type of website is very less in circulation. This website is made for NGO, Trust, Society templet etc. In this, if you want to start a new business of yours and you want money, then you can enter the idea of ​​your business, so that people like your idea and people can love you.

9- Social Website This is a social platform. Like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, IMO etc. You can create a group in it. Chatting can be done with anyone. Friends can be made. Can talk with Similar logo.

10- News Website With this type of site you can update news (news) equally. Details of magazines can also be entered on the website of this type. It is a type of papular site.

11- Blog Website, you can regularly update your content.

12-Streaming Video Website On this type of website, videos and photos can be shared with each other and you can load and unload it yourself.

What is online website?

Online website is made for doing business. Make online shopping website and sell your product there and earn a lot of money. In this type you can get websites designed according to your need. In the present time, a very large online platform website is available. And it is needed in all fields. Whether you are in educational or any other fields. But all is needed.